SHHS Electronic SAA Booster Pass Now on Sale!

Electronic Saints Athletic Booster Pass - Now on Sale: 

Welcome Back Saints Fans!  We can't wait to see you cheering from the stands.  After two years of interrupted fundraising, we would really appreciate your support to fund our higher than average requests this year from teams who are gratefully returning to play.  Please help support the Saint Helena Unified sports programs by purchasing your electronic booster pass today, or by making a donation here: 

SHHS Saints Booster Pass

Booster passes are $50 each for the first 4 family members, and an additional $25 per ticket thereafter.  Please screen shot, or print the ticket that has the name of the ticket holder and be prepared to show your ticket and ID at all home games.  Booster passes are not valid for away games or championship games. 

Thank you for your on-going support. 

Go Saints!