My child has always been gifted at math. How will this affect them?

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Students who take Integrated 1 at RLS only benefit from 1 year of a GPA bump (when they take Calculus). In this new model, students who intend to take Calculus will get two years of a GPA bump in their math classes (GPA bump for Integrated 3 Honors as well as Calculus).

In addition to being more prepared for Calculus, their GPAs will be higher than in the current model of acceleration.  Historically, SHHS has seen that students who follow the old acceleration model have lower grades, meaning a lower overall GPA, when compared to their peers who did not accelerate. Colleges prefer to see a student earning As and Bs in their math courses as opposed to taking a course a year early and earning Cs.

Previously, some students who took Integrated 1 at RLS “ran out of math classes” by their senior year. Colleges want students to take math all 4 years in high school and it is generally frowned upon to not take a math class in your senior year.