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SHHS 2nd Semester 2020-2021 / Lesson Plan Outline and Review

SHHS Students and Families,

Below is SHHS's Second Semester Review of our health and safety guidelines and procedures that were taught on Wednesday, January 6, and Thursday, January 7. Also below is the purpose of the lessons and an outline of the topics taught.

Please use it as a reference; espescially, if your student is returning to SHHS from Distance Learning to In Person. Please continue to follow the guidelines listed in the 2020-2021 Student Health and Safety Oath and the 2020-21 Parent/Guardian Health Screening Commitment Form to keep our students and staff safe and healthy 2nd Semester.

Thank you,

Vice Principal Fetters

Lesson Purpose: Refresher on SHHS COVID-19 in-person health and safety expectations and procedure for all students.

SHHS 2nd Semester Lesson Plan Outline

SHHS 2nd Semester Review