District Committees

  • The District has the following Superintendent's Sub-Committees, which meet on a regular basis.  A maximum of two members of the Board of Trustees attend the Committee meetings to provide input for the Board's perspective. Each month the Board members, in attendance at a committee meeting, provide an update to the Board on the meeting content and discussion for other Board members and the public.  Listed below is a brief description of each of the current committees. 

    Business Operations Committee

    The Business Operations Committee reviews and provides input regarding the District’s budget, and hears updates about changes in federal/state legislation that impacts K-12 education.  The committee also provides input and make recommendations regarding planned and proposed projects,  including special facilities requests from the school sites. The committee meets quarterly and includes representatives from the Parent-Teacher Groups (PTG’s) and the St. Helena Public Schools Foundation (SHPSF). 

    Local Control Accountability Plan Steering Committee

    The LCAP Steering committee meets regularly to provide guidance and recommendations on the on-going efforts to improve the LCAP. The committee focuses on student, staff, and community engagement and student achievement. This committee is responsible for identifying multiple methods of outreach to gather input and voices regarding our continuous improvement efforts.

    Student Equity & Belonging Committee

    The Student Equity and Belonging Committee meets to ensure continued progress is made on equity, school climate, and cultural enhancements that can benefit our student body. The committee has committed to focusing on how students access opportunities for success, how students are engaged in campus culture and how students feel connected at school.The committee also establishes and monitors districtwide wellness goals for students and staff each year, which are shared with the Board and the public each June in an “Annual Progress Report.”