Student Learner Outcomes

  • St. Helena High School believes mastery of core subjects and 21st Century themes is essential to our students’ success: core subjects include English, reading or language arts, world languages, arts, mathematics, science, and social science.  St. Helena promotes a higher level of understanding of academic content by weaving 21st Century interdisciplinary themes into core subjects, which would include: 

    1. Global Awareness
    2. Financial, Economic, Business & Entrepreneurial Literacy
    3. Civic Literacy
    4. Health Literacy
    5. Environmental Literacy

    St. Helena High School teaches that learning and innovation skills will prepare our students for increasingly complex life and work environments in today’s world.  They include: 

    1. Creativity and Innovation
    2. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
    3. Communication and Collaboration

    St. Helena High School’s goal is to develop effective citizens and workers that are able to exhibit a wide range of information, media and technology skills.  Such skills would include: 

    1. Information Literacy
    2. Media Literacy
    3. ICT (Information, Communication, and Technology) Literacy

    St. Helena High School fosters students who will have the ability to navigate the complex life and work environments by developing their life and career skills, such as: 

    1. Flexibility & Adaptability
    2. Initiative & Self Direction
    3. Social & Cross Cultural Skills