English Language Development

  • English 3D is a research-based program to develop English language skills in speaking and writing. In our English 3D class, students will: 


    • Participate in class discussions using academic English every day.
    • Learn and practice using academic vocabulary. 
    • Develop advanced academic writing skills. 
    • Debate and present speeches about engaging issues. 
    • Build essential language and writing skills for secondary school. 


    English 3D will challenge students to use academic language in speaking and writing every day. Offer encouragement and provide support at home by talking to your child about the class. Here are some ideas of what to say:

    • Tell me about the issue you are discussing in English 3D. 
    • Describe your opinion about the issue. 
    • What is one interesting fact you learned about this issue?
    • What is an important new word you learned? Explain to me how it is used. 
    • Describe an interesting speaking or writing assignment you have had in class. 


    Instructor: Dana Simon