Drop-Off & Pick-Up

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    SHPS provides a drop off and pick up zone at the curb in front of the Primary School Cafeteria. To assure student safety, parents are asked to drop students off in this zone only, not in any other area in front of the school.  Please follow these procedures:

    • Always enter the school from the west end of the entrance and exit at the east end. 
    • Follow the directions of any adult personnel in the yellow vests. 
    • Pull as far forward in the drop off-pick up zone as possible. 
    • Students are to exit or enter on the curb side of the zone as quickly as possible. 
    • Please make sure that your child has gathered his/her things and good-bye kisses have been exchanged when you load up the car at home so that students are able to unload at school without holding others up. 
    • Never park, drop off - pick up students in the red zone

    DOUBLE PARKING OR DROPPING-OFF/ PICKING UP IN THE PARKING LOT ARE NEVER ALLOWED. We have parking in front of the school and at the front curb of the school on Grayson Avenue. If parents park in these areas or in the City Parking Area behind the school, they should plan to walk their students in to school via sidewalks, crosswalks, and gates.