wellness circles
  • Student Wellness Resources

    RLS starts each morning with two to three minutes of a guided meditation for everyone to hear.  Students may follow along, place their heads on their desks, or just remain quiet during this time.  Our goal is to help students learn to regulate their emotions,  respond instead of react to various situations, and reduce their stress levels.  Below are activities students did during the afternoon wellness breaks during previous years.  We hope you find them helpful.

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relax music
yoga art
  • Gratitude Journal:   Allow students time to start (write or type) in a gratitude journal.  They can add to this journal anytime they want to do so. 

    Gratitude Activity:

    • Gratitude has powerful physiological effects on the brain . . . and body.  Researchers have found that when we think about someone or something we truly appreciate, our bodies calm themselves.
    • Ask students to take a deep breath and think of positive things that others have done for them recently or that they have done for others.  As students share, ask the class to put these things into categories, such as polite gestures (ie. Saving a seat), kind words (ie. Cheering someone up), kind acts (ie. Sharing a snack), gifts, favors (ie. Helping with homework), and volunteering or donating to charity.
    • On scratch paper, have students list all the ways you can show gratitude, such as feeling quietly grateful, saying “thank you,” sending a card or e-card, calling someone, sending a nice email/text, or doing something nice in return.  Encourage students to do one of these things before the end of the day.
    • Discuss why they think gratitude has a calming effect on a person’s brain and body.