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Why SSA?

  • Every day, many students get their feelings hurt or they get physically hurt. When that happens, they can't pay attention & learn...and they don't enjoy school, so they are more likely to be absent or drop out.

    Even though there are rules against teasing and bullying, it still happens. Even though teachers and other adults are "on duty" to watch, in the halls and at lunch, it still happens.

    Adults by themselves can't make schools safe. Students have to do their part. SSA's are a group of trained students who talk with other students to prevent and stop acts of cruelty. Ambassadors help their friends make better choices about how to treat others, and help them avoid trouble.


      Students are:

                  90% of the school population

                                 95% of the targets in school cruelty and violence

                                                99% of the aggressors

    • Students determine what's OK or normal for other students to say and do, and what's not OK. These are the "norms" or standards of campus culture.

    • Students see & know things that staff and other adults don't, and can take action in ways adults can't.

    Unfortunately, many students believe that they can only do one of three things when they see other students being mean:

    1. Ignore it...or

    2. Join in (so they aren't the next "target")...or

    3. "tell" or tattle on those students

    The Safe School Ambassadors program provides a fourth choice:

    4. interact with other students to prevent or stop mistreatment: exclusion, teasing, harassment, bullying, and other forms of violence.


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