Athletic Policy

  • The RLS Athletic Code is based upon the belief that a developing student athlete at the middle school level needs to understand that success in anything depends a great deal on his/her attitude. With this in mind, the expectations for our student athletes include:

    1. Responsibility
    2. Respect
    3. Sportsmanship
    4. Work ethic
    5. Commitment

    Student athletes are expected to work on steadily improving, both on the field and in the classroom. Student athletes need to learn how to accept constructive criticism and to be determined to work to overcome weaknesses. Student athletes must understand that whenever they suit up to compete they represent themselves, their team, and their school.


  • Physicals

    All students who would like to tryout and participate on any of the RLS Athletic teams must have all the required physical forms turned into the office before they are allowed to tryout or practice with a team (no exceptions). Physicals are good for one year from date. We encourage students who are interested playing on an athletic team to get a physical and all forms turned in to the office at the beginning of the school year so that they will be eligible to tryout for any sport throughout the entire school year.


    Students trying out for or being a member of a school athletic team must meet academic and behavioral standards. Academically, students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 (C average) with no more than one  “F” grade on the previous report card. During their respective season, students receiving below a 2.0 GPA or more than one “F” grade at the second progress reporting time or the next report card, whichever comes first, will be ineligible to continue competing.  Students not meeting the grade requirement prior to a season may choose to invoke an athletic probation prior to tryouts.  Only only athletic probation may be used during the three years of middle school.


    A student athlete who is suspended will miss the next game and will have a conference with the Parents/Guardians, Coach, Athletic Director, and Principal/Campus Supervisor. The result of this conference will determine whether or not the student athlete remains on the team.


    It is very important that student athletes attend all practices and games. The Coach or Athletic Director should be notified if a student athlete misses any practice or game. If three unexcused absences occur during the season, an athlete may be dismissed from the team. Full attendance during the school day is required in order to practice or play on that day or the day before if there is a weekend game or tournament. The exception would be for a student who misses class for a medical appointment or funeral. Also, a student is required to participate in full Physical Education class in order to practice or play on that day.