Welcome to Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School!

  • We know that you have choices about where to send your children, and we are delighted that you have chosen RLS.

    At RLS, we offer rigorous coursework in a safe and nurturing small school environment. We are proud of our well-rounded curriculum taught entirely by highly qualified teachers and a schedule that allows us to meet the needs of each individual student. In addition to our core classes, we offer a daily enrichment/intervention period, a daily wellness time designed to help students cope with stress, and a weekly Access Period, where students can sign up to attend any class they need to reassess or get extra help in a small group setting. Students have access to honors courses and individualized learning plans, as well as classes designed to provide academic support. Our rich electives program includes courses normally only found in much larger schools, such as Spanish, art, video tech, AVID, Makerspace, band, choir and drama.

    • AT RLS, we work very hard to maintain the comfort and happiness level of our students. We offer a number of programs designed to support students and ensure that each of our students feels safe and respected at school every day.
    • We have a full-time counselor, a full-time campus supervisor, and several part-time therapists available to support the mental and emotional wellness of our students.
    • Safe School Ambassadors is a program that harnesses the power of students to prevent and stop bullying and violence. Ambassadors are chosen from a variety of student groups and are trained yearly in communication and intervention skills.
    • Each teacher has a Family Group that meets weekly to address social and emotion learning through use of the Second Step program. Family Groups consist of a mix of sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students who stay with their group leader for all three years in order to develop strong relationships.
    • We use the Positive Behavior and Intervention System, which is a proactive approach towards establishing the behavioral supports and positive school culture that all students need for social, emotional, and academic success.
    • Anti-bullying isn’t just an assembly or special day at RLS; it’s who we are each and every day.

    The incredible support we receive from our families and our community allows us to provide our students with many extra opportunities to enrich their educations. We are so fortunate to live and work in the wonderful community of St. Helena and we are proud to welcome you to our school!