Welcome to Food Services

  • Welcome to Food Services!  We are serving all enrolled students nutritious meals this school year based on the School Breakfast Program/Seamless Summer Feeding Option and National School Lunch Program/Seamless Summer Feeding Option regulations.  Breakfast and lunch are free to all students; other snacks for purchase are not available.  Breakfast is served at AM break and lunch during designated lunch time at all school sites in the cafeteria or quad areas.  

    Our menu variety and options continue to be limited compared to pre-COVID days because of supply chain shortages.  We anticipate that variety will increase as the pandemic decreases and supply change shortages subside.  We continue to follow County guidance regarding cafeteria use and food service operations.   

    Our current monthly menu is posted below, and electronically delivered via Blackboard Connect.  Our menu meets the USDA meal pattern and nutritional quality requirements for calories, saturated fat, sodium, and whole grain based on age group.  The meal components offered in required portions according to grade level are meat/meat alternate, grains, fruit, vegetable, and milk.  

    Recent NEWSIn the 2022-2023 school year, California will be the first state to implement a statewide Universal Meals Program for all school children.  The Universal Meals Program will include both a free nutritiously adequate breakfast and lunch for all children each school day.



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Contact Us

  • Angela Baxter, RD
    Director of Food Services
    Food Service Office Location: St. Helena Elementary School next to cafeteria
    Phone: (707) 967-2722
    Email: abaxter@sthelenaunified.org


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