Developer Fee Information

  • Developer fees are charged to developers to cover public costs associated with private development. These fees are charged by cities, counties and special districts. By law, the school district must keep developer fees in a separate account. School districts are continually engaged in construction and/or improving capital facilities throughout their districts. Districts may use various sources of funds for these capital facility projects, including developer fees, state program funds, redevelopment funds, certificates of participation, sale of capital assets, and mitigation measures.

    SHUSD’s Board-approved Facilities Master Plan identifies numerous modernization projects across the District’s school sites along with their costs. Among the work identified are modernization of classroom facilities and science labs, college/career readiness improvements, student safety upgrades to facilities and technology, high school auditorium, safer playing fields; and improving energy efficiency/conservation. In addition to the many needs identified in the Facilities Master Plan, the District is undertaking work to provide adequate housing for students enrolling in the Universal Transitional Kindergarten program mandated with the passage of AB 130 in July of 2021. Providing these up-to-date classrooms, ancillary facilities, and accessibility upgrades is an essential component of preparing students to succeed in a competitive economy and of being able to maintain the equivalent existing level of service for the next 20 years.


  • Current Fees

    Residential Fee: $4.79 / sq foot
    Commercial Fee: $0.78 / sq foot
    Checks or Money Orders (payable to SHUSD)

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