SHUSD Textbooks and Instructional Materials

  • The textbook-adoption process includes these steps:

    1. The principal meets with the Director of Curriculum and Instruction.
      • Review process.
      • Establish a timeline resulting in board action.
      • Select Instructional Materials Evaluation Committee.
    2. Instructional Materials Evaluation Committee.
      • Director of Curriculum and Instruction.
      • Principal.
      • Teachers (minimum two).
      • Parent(s), additional staff, as deemed necessary (two to three).
    3. Text-review process.
      • Committee reviews state-adopted list.
      • Committee screens adopted texts for quality and alignment to state standards and selects two to four texts for further review.
      • Publisher representatives for each selected text make presentations to the committee.
      • Publisher representative presents district with costs for piloting textbook (in writing).
      • Publisher representative presents district with costs for entire adoption, if selected (in writing).
      • Teachers pilot text for two semesters.(if possible)
      • Piloting teachers meet with other staff at least two times to discuss text and make recommendations.
      • Evaluation form is completed by each teacher piloting text.
      • Recommendation is made to Superintendent.
      • Community display of recommended text(s) (30 days).
      • Superintendent recommends approval of adoption to board of trustees.
      • Board of trustees meeting for first reading of adoption recommendations
      • Board of trustees’ approval of recommended texts (second reading). Each student, including English learners, has access to current, standards-based textbooks and other.